European Regional Development Fund

Logo: EU funds logo pair for 2021-2027 programming period

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) provides funding to public and private bodies in all EU regions to reduce economic, social and territorial disparities. The Fund provides assistance to the less developed regions, focusing mainly on improving public infrastructure and promoting entrepreneurship.

ERDF funding is intended for the following measures:

  • business environment development and competitiveness growth, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises;

  • preservation of the local economy, including tourism and cultural heritage;

  • research and technological development;

  • development of local, regional transport, telecommunications, energy networks and the infrastructure relevant to them;

  • environment protection and development;

  • increasing the potential in research, science and technology, etc.

ERDF Responsible Authorities in Latvia:

  • Ministry of Economics;

  • Ministry of Education and Science;

  • Ministry of Agriculture;

  • Ministry of Culture;

  • Ministry of Welfare;

  • Ministry of Transport;

  • Ministry of Health;

  • Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development.