Accessibility notification

Ministry of Finance (hereinafter - MoF), with the involvement of other state administration institutions, undertakes to make its website accessible in accordance with the 14 July 2020 Cabinet Regulation No. 445 "Kārtība, kādā iestādes ievieto informāciju internetā" (hereinafter - Regulation No. 445).

This accessibility notification is relevant to the MoF website -

A simplified accessibility evaluation has been carried out for the website. The method used for the evaluation - guidelines prepared by VARAM (Ministry of Smart Administration and Regional Development) - “Vadlīnijas iestāžu tīmekļvietnēm noteikto piekļūstamības prasību ievērošanas ietekmes izvērtēšanai un nesamērīgā sloga pamatošanai”.

How accessible is this website? partially complies with Regulation No. 445 for the following reasons.

Non-compliance with the requirements mentioned in Regulations No. 445:

When checking the basic structure, it is not possible to use the TAB key on pages (except the main page) to navigate directly to the main content of the website - one has to go through the entire navigation list. When checking the main navigation on all pages, going through it with the "TAB" button also opens the sub-navigation.

ESC button cannot be used to close open modal windows. There are a couple of empty dots next to the Inspiration Stories article carousel, which the TAB key selects before going through the carousel articles.

Although the content navigation sectors are correctly delineated, the footer region is not fully delineated in the main structure, nor is the top navigation section differentiated.

The screen reader did not read the name of the "Pieteikties jaunumiem" form. The form can be filled in with a non-existent email address. It is possible to execute a command without checking the specific content you want to subscribe to. When opening the form, each sector is not read.

The footer headings - "Ātrās saites" and "Noderīgi" - do not appear in the hierarchy on all pages, and there is insufficient contrast between the texts on the pages, e.g. the text of the "Projektu Portāli" button, "Meklē pieejamo atbalstu", the texts of the Inspiration Stories carousel section.

Evaluation document: website accessiblity evaluation (in Latvian)

Accessibility alternative

For content that is currently unavailable, please contact MoF at:

Feedback and communication

We are continuously trying to improve the accessibility of this website.

If you encounter any problems or deficiencies that are not mentioned in this notice, or if you would like to receive unavailable content in a different format, please contact us.


Phone: +371 25623329

Address: Smilšu iela 1, Riga

We will process your request within 7 business days.

Filing complaints

Responsible for this website is "Ministry of Finance Communication Department".
Phone: +371 25623329

If we have not responded adequately to your application or complaint about the accessibility of the content of the website, you have the possibility to submit a complaint to the Ombudsman of the Republic of Latvia.

Adress: Baznīcas iela 25, Rīgā, LV-1010

Phone: +37167686768


Information regarding the notice preperation.

This notice was first issued on 24.05.2024.

This communication was reproduced on 24.05.2024.

Characteristics of capabilities

On this website, you can:

  • Navigate with a keyboard only;

  • Zoom in content to 100%, 150% or 200%;

  • Change contrast;

  • Use screen readers for the most of the website (including the latest versions of JAWS, NVDA and VoiceOver);

  • Listen to written content;

  • Transform audio content into text;

  • Read content in plain language.

For more information on accessibility, please read the guidelines of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development:

In case of general questions regarding accessibility, please contact Ingars Liepiņš, expert of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development at If you want to find out about the accessibility of a particular website, please contact the relevant authority. If you want to make suggestions to improve the platform, you should write to

The following information shows how users can use the website more easily and effectively with a various tools embedded in the browser operating system and website.

Navigating through a website with a keyboard

This website allows the users to navigate using a keyboard only. You can navigate through the website by pressing the ‘Tab’ key, which is most frequently located on the left side of the keyboard. Each time you press the key, you move the cursor to the next item on the page, such as links to other pages or buttons that are relevant to the page. When you press the ‘Shift’ and ‘Tab’ keys, the cursor is moved to the previous element. The focus element is highlighted by changing the colour, and it looks like a framed box. To activate this item (i.e. ‘click it’), press ‘Enter’.

The first element that is available when you navigate with the keyboard is a shortcut to the main content of the page, which you can use to skip the navigation elements and immediately reach the content of each page that is particularly convenient for screen reader users.

Font size

There are three main ways to zoom in the website:

1. Font (text) size of the website

This website contains three different font sizes that you can choose by selecting them here or in the upper-right corner of the website under ‘Settings’. By selecting one font size, the entire content of the website is increased to respective size.

To turn off the zoom, press the ‘Refresh’ button under ‘Settings’.

2. Browser specific capabilities

All popular browsers allow you to zoom in and out, or reduce the displayed content. To zoom in, you have to simultaneously press the ‘Ctrl’ and ‘+’ keys on the keyboard to reduce ‘Ctrl’ and ‘-‘. An alternative option is to hold down the ‘Ctrl’ key and scroll up or down with the mouse wheel.

3. Built-in capabilities of the operating system

Operating systems ‘Windows 10’ and ‘Windows 7’ have a magnifier, a program that lets you zoom in the content. Select ‘Start’ menu, type ‘Magnifier’ (‘Start’ > ‘Magnifier’), and then press ‘Enter’. A small overlapping window appears that you can move with the mouse and change the distance of all content.

On Apple PCs, go to the ‘Apple’ menu > ‘System Preferences’ > ‘Accessibility’ (or Universal Access) > ‘Zoom’ (Apple menu > System Preferences > Accessibility (or Universal Access) > Zoom).

In the operating system Windows XP, go to ‘Start’ > ‘All Programs’ > ‘Accessories’> ‘Accessibility’ > ‘Magnifier’ (Start > All Programs > Accessories > Accessibility > Magnifier).

Change contrast

This website allows users to adjust text contrast by changing content colours. There are three different combinations of website contrast:

  1. white text on a black background;

  2. black text on a yellow background;

  3. yellow text on a black background.

To change the contrast, you can choose here what you want or in the upper-right corner of the website under ‘Settings’.

To turn off the contrast mode, press ‘Refresh’ button under ‘Settings’.

Using a screen reader

Screen reader is a software that tries to detect and interpret what is displayed on the screen. This interpretation is then repeated to the user in audio form or via Braille display.

The content of this site has been created in accordance with the technical standards of thescreen reader. For example, images have ‘alt’ texts (a textual description of the content of the picture), while keys, content, and other practical elements of the page are positioned and arranged so that the order of the information to be read on the screen reader is logical and easy to execute.

Popular screen readers:

Easy to read

Easy to read functionality is designed to provide a website content in a simplified language, by re-formulating industry terminology, reducing the amount of text and focusing on basic contextual ideas. ‘Easy to read’ aims to provide content in a way that is understandable to all individuals, regardless of their functional capabilities or language proficiency.

The content in plain language is available in the sections where it is added on the website.

In places where the content in plain language is added, symbol A is depicted at the beginning of the open page after the heading with an explanation ‘Easy to read’. When you click on this icon, the section is reloaded and displays a simplified content. For general information about the authority, see the ‘Settings’ section in the upper-right corner of the website.