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A unified network of 52 km cycling infrastructure is being built in Riga and Pieriga

A unified network of 52 km cycling infrastructure is being built in Riga and Pieriga

Ministry of Transport

The Ministry of Transport (MoT) has received the results of a study carried out by a Dutch company “Ricardo Nederland B.V.”, which provides an evaluation and proposals for the development of technical specifications for the procurement of zero-emission trains (BEMU).

In order to implement the greening of Riga and Pieriga transport system within the framework of the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) to reduce the negative impact of transport on the quality of the capital's environment and to ensure the transition to environmentally friendly rail traffic in the future, there was a project “Development of studies, assessments and related documentation for preparation of a sustainable, integrated and co-ordinated proposal for a multi-modal public transport plan in the Riga metropolitan area” carried out. The project was financed by Cohesion fund. As part of this, the MoT announced a procurement for the development of technical specifications for zero- emission rail fleet, which as a result of the tender was carried out by the Dutch company "Ricardo Nederland B.V.".

The purpose of the study carried out by the company was to assess the technical and legal requirements for the use of BEMU trains for public transportation, as well as the development of the second-round documentation of the procurement “Supply of new battery- electric multiple units BEMU for the carriage of passengers”. The second round of the procurement in accordance with the delegation contract shall be organised by the State Ltd “Road Transport Administration”. To ensure that the second round of procurement is successful, “Ricardo Nederland B.V. “will continue to provide support during the procurement process.

In addition, as part of the research, the company has provided an evaluation of zero emission train traction technology alternatives that would be suitable for the Latvian rail network and for replacing diesel trains, thus ensuring passenger transportation on non-electrified lines. The study also provides recommendations for improving the electrification of railway lines.

The availability of new BEMU is a prerequisite for railway transport to serve as the backbone of public transport and to be integrated into the public transport system of the Riga metropolitan area.

The study conducted by “Ricardo Nederland B.V.” is one of the three studies commissioned by the MoT, which are necessary to ensure the implementation of sustainable, integrated and environmentally friendly public transport and the achievement of European Green Deal.

Within the framework of the RRF, it is planned to finance projects for implementation of the traffic reform in Riga and Pieriga, the aim of which is to reduce the negative impact of transport on the quality of the capital environment and to develop integrated public transport services that meet the needs of the population. The RRF in the amount of EUR 295 million has been allocated for this purpose.


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